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3 Major Changes to TSA’s 2016 Pre-Check Program Every Traveler Needs to Know

Posted by Gulbahar Bhullar on Fri, Apr 29, 2016 @ 09:47 AM


If you travel often or are plannng to travel soon, it's important take note of these three big changes to the TSA’s Pre-Check Program so you can save yourself time and reduce hassles at the airport. 

The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has made some adjustments to its Pre-Check Program policies, altering the way flyers check-in to help streamline their boarding experience. 

There is no more free TSA Pre-Check 

Starting near the end of 2015, the no-charge way to register and pre-check for TSA has been phased out and now flyers looking to board faster have to a pay an $85 entry fee to enroll in the Pre-Check Program. Once they are approved, however, the fee applies for five years of Pre-Check enrollment.

“Managed Inclusion” for TSA Pre-Check Is Now Gone 

The “Managed Inclusion” policy used to allow TSA Agents to handpick “low security threat” personnel out of main security screening lines, and put them into Pre-Check lines for a quicker overall boarding process.

But now that is all gone. No more additional passengers in the Pre-Check line, only flyers who have been pre-approved for TSA Pre-Check will be there — which should speed up the line for Pre-Check passengers significantly. 

IndentoGo Expands Hours for TSA Pre-Check Enrollments

IndentoGo is a company that provides enrollment service for TSA Pre-Check, and to help make it easier for travelers to register, IndentoGo has extended the operating hours of its TSA enrollment locations to help more flyers get registered for the program.

The IndentoGo centers expanded to Saturday hours at the end of last year, so now it’s a little more convenient to make it down for registration if you’ve had a busy workweek. 

What this means for business travelers:

For people who travel frequently for work, the TSA Pre-Check Program is a great way to save yourself from headaches and make sure your travel goes as smooth as possible. To make your trip even more hassle-free, hire a premiere chauffeured transportation company to help you with the trips to and from the airport. 

Angel Worldwide Transportation, located in northern California and servicing three international airports, SFO, OAK, and SJC, provides the kind of expert, high-quality airport transfers that top-level CEOs require. 

All of our vehicles at Angel Worldwide are kept in immaculate condition. Strict maintenance schedules ensure that each is working properly and running well at all times, and the fleet ranges from Lincoln MKT sedans to large corporate buses that can hold upwards of 32+ passengers. We have traditional stretch limos for formal corporate occasions too.

Our chauffeurs know the ins and outs of each of the airports in the region, and can help guests with any luggage or advice on terminal locations and the quickest ways to board.

By having TSA Pre-Check, you’re already helping yourself get an extra step forward on your trip, and the extra peace of mind that comes with knowing your transportation will be handled by elite professionals…is something you just can’t put a price on.

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