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4 Tips On How To Plan Transportation For A Group Event

Posted by Gulbahar Bhullar on Tue, May 24, 2016 @ 09:30 AM


If you’re an event planner and you need to organize a group of large mini-buses to move hundreds, possibly even thousands of people at a time, here’s how you can do it.

Create A Group Passenger Manifest

A Group Passenger Manifest is a document, often in Microsoft Excel or Access, that contains a detailed itinerary for every passenger that is traveling. It will include particulars such as flight information, arrival times, ground transportation provider contact info, pickup and arrival addresses, and more. 

Contact A Transportation Specialist To Help Manage

An experienced transportation provider who has handled large-scale jobs knows how to incorporate all of the information in the Group Passenger Manifest, and tie it in seamlessly with an organized operating plan. By coordinating with a group transportation specialist, you get a personal consultant on how to make a large-scale plan become a reality by breaking it down into smaller segments. 

Make Sure That All Vendors Adhere To Strict “Duty of Care” Standards

For the ground transportation provider especially these days, it is vital that the chauffeured vehicle companies be fully licensed and insured so that employees are covered while they are traveling on the job. By having peace of mind that “Duty of Care” is held as the gold standard among transportation vendors, you can be assured your clients will receive the best in service.

Work closely with the arrival hotels or event centers, and coordinate proper pickup and dropoff procedures.

The pickup and dropoff of large groups of people can be an elegant dance. For it to go down seamlessly it takes a lot of on-the-field communication through greeter chauffeur teams and event staff. By creating a clear path of communication between the transportation providers and the event and hotel staff, you increase the likelihood of a flawless service performance.

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