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Top Employee Rewards You Haven’t Considered

Posted by Gulbahar Bhullar on Wed, Apr 10, 2013 @ 05:05 AM

Unique Ways to Reward Your Employees

san francisco sedan serviceWhen it comes to thinking of ways to reward your employees, time off and extra dough aren’t always the best answers, and although they will certainly be accepted with an ear-to-ear smile, sometimes showing your employees a little extra moxie when it comes to their rewards is the best way to establish camaraderie and personal work environment wherein they feel appreciated.

But what about the boss who doesn’t know where to start when it comes to giving better rewards? We’ve got a list of ideas that are sure to bring your employees reward joy when it comes time to pat their backs for excellent performance. Remember: Unique rewards are awesome. Consider taking some of our ideas.

Gift Certificate for a Limo Ride

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people in the world who have never ridden in a limousine and would most definitely enjoy the experience. Think of all of the plans your employees could make for a night out in the city if they knew that they wouldn’t have to worry about navigating or driving themselves home at the night’s close.

Presenting a high performing employee with a gift certificate for a night’s use of a luxury vehicle, one that comes with the services of a local expert Chauffeur, is one way to make certain that they feel appreciated and regarded. And they will have a great time being ferried around the city in a clean, luxury vehicle.

Gift Certificate for a Massage

The reasons why this reward is a smash hit should go without saying. Especially if the employee who receives it is notorious for keeping long hours and picking up the slack of other workers, they’ll be more than thankful for the opportunity to unwind and relax for a while on someone else’s dime. Do some research on any health problems your employee might have that would impede them from enjoying the massage, but once you get the green light, all you have to worry about is which salon to book with. Research is also the easiest way to find your answer; consider ratings, price and location of the spa or salon as well, so your employee doesn’t need to drive far out of the way to enjoy their reward.

Free Car Detailing 

If you have a particularly stressed out employee who is constantly working overtime and seems harebrained every Friday afternoon from the work week of anxiety, purchasing a car detailing for them might be the reward that satisfies them best. Not only does a clean vehicle create a cleaner mindset, but it also reduces the anxiety of not being able to find important documents or items before you go to work or after you get home.

And if that same stressed out employee also has a notoriously long commute, sprucing up their vehicle for them might be one way to make their work life way better.

Buy Them a Round of Golf

With spring upon us, finding great outdoor activities to serve as rewards for your best employees is one way to give them a dose of morale and encouragement. Sometimes, just being able to play a free round of golf on a Saturday with your friends is the easiest way to re-charge for a hectic upcoming week.

Rewarding a great employee with the opportunity to take some time and unwind on a great green on a sunny weekend is sure to make them feel appreciated and acknowledged within their job and as your employee. 

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