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The 5 Best Restaurants Near San Francisco International Airport

Posted by Gulbahar Bhullar on Tue, Nov 19, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Executive Dining Near SFO Executive Dining Near SFO

Business travel can become stressful. You are bouncing from airport to airport on a weekly basis. It can be difficult to find first-class restaurants to free you from the junk dining that typically accompanies business travel. The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is thankfully a haven for quality restaurants for business travelers. The best restaurants near SFO are closer to the gate than you may think.

Gary Danko

Gary Danko is located in close proximity to SFO and is a classy, upscale restaurant offering fine dining to its patrons. Located on North Point Street in San Francisco, CA, this restaurant offers quality offerings. Gary Danko is an award-winning chef for a reason. He has perfected sophisticated contemporary cuisine. The 75-seat restaurant has an extensive wine list and meals that will have you yearning for business travel to SFO.


Located in Alamo Square in San Francisco, this restaurant serves some tremendous urban rustic food. There is a lot of creativity involved in their organic wood-fired cuisine. The fine dining establishment has some unique offerings. Once you try the wood baked king salmon, you will want to go back for more. Another quality recommendation is the manila clams.


If you are looking for a more casual dining experience, Frances is for you. This trendy and intimate restaurant has an atmosphere like none other. Located between Noe Street and Pond Street in San Francisco, it is close enough to the airport to make it a convenient dinner spot after a long flight. Some of the more popular entrees include their yellowtail rock cod. For an appetizer, the charred tomato gazpacho is a delicious selection.

La Ciccia

In the event you want a mix of Italian and seafood, La Ciccia may be your place. Business travelers have fallen in love with this great dining experience. Located between Chenery Street and Church Street, they have great meals along with a respectable wine list. The menu is tantalizing to say the very least. Some of the more popular main courses include seared lamb tenderloin. The chef perfects it with a tremendous drizzle that includes cooked grape must.


This restaurant mixed French and American classics to create a unique menu and a pleasurable dining experience. Their deviled crab bisque is going to make your mouth water and bring a smile to your face before or after any flight. The California swordfish grilled with herbs and spices is also a favorite among guests. For something outside of the box, their version of king quail is seared in butter and cooked to perfection with crispy chestnuts.

The best restaurants near SFO are not hard to find. The city of San Francisco is a haven for business men and women who love fine dining. The food is arguably the most enjoyable part of any business trip. This depends largely on the type of restaurant you choose to visit. Checking out any of the five restaurants mentioned above is sure to give you a fine dining experience that will have you looking for your next trip to San Francisco.

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