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4 Expert Tips for Smooth, Stress-Free Single-Day Business Trips

Posted by Gulbahar Bhullar on Tue, Dec 03, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Mastering the Art of Single-Day Business Travel Mastering the Art of Single Day Business Travel

In order to reduce costs, many companies are shortening business trips to a single day. One-day business trips let them avoid paying for a hotel and additional meals. These short trips also, though, have benefits for those who are traveling. They let executives see their family, sleep in their own bed and return to the office the following day. All around, single-day business travel has benefits for everyone involved.

Traveling to see a client or vendor and back in the same day, however, comes with its own challenges. Below, we have listed several tips from expert business travelers that will help make your travel go smoother.

Skip the Car

When traveling for a single day, there is little reason to rent a car. In fact, renting a car is often more aggravating than helpful. Despite the efforts car rental companies have made to streamline the rental process, business travelers still find themselves in lines waiting to pick up or return a car. This is not to mention the traffic you may encounter en route from the airport to the client or vendor.

Instead of renting a car, consider executive car service

Depending on your relationship with the client or vendor, they may even arrange transportation for you. You will likely be surprised at how affordable executive transportation is, especially when it's compared to the cost of renting a car. Plus, executive car service provides the added convenience of being chauffeured by a business travel expert, which means you can relax in the back or get some work done while enjoying a safe, comfortable ride.

Fly to the Nearest Airport

Even if it costs a little more, it is better to fly into the airport closest to your ultimate destination. One-day business trips are only effective if the travel between places does not take long. You do not want to fly into a cheaper airport, only to find out that the traffic between the airport and your destination will cause a 2-hour delay.

Go Digital

In today’s digital world, there is little reason to bring a plethora of documents. Usually all of the documents needed for a business trip can be loaded onto a single laptop or tablet, which then can be packed.

Thanks to digital technology, you can pack lighter than business travelers have ever been able to before. If your company is not already using digital documents, make the switch so you can pack light.

Ask for the Upgrade

When you arrive at the airport, take a moment to say hello to the gate attendant, and ask him or her whether an affordable upgrades are available. Although the answer is usually no, sometimes an upgrade to business class from coach is surprisingly affordable. You may deem it worth the minor cost. Either way, it never hurts to inquire about possible upgrades that could make the trip smoother.

These tips on single-day business travel can essentially be boiled down to two points.

First, go light; this includes skipping the rental car, packing light and using digital documents.

Second, consider purchasing affordable upgrades, such as executive transportation and a seat upgrade. These small adjustments will make your trips go much smoother.

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