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Pro Tips for Planning Corporate Travel

Posted by Gulbahar Bhullar on Thu, Jan 30, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

How to Plan Travel Like a Pro Plan Travel Like A Pro

Planning your business trip to an unfamiliar location can be a challenge. Business travelers who are on the road several times a year know how to book their preferred airline and hotels. Corporations often have negotiated rates with hotels and car rental agencies. But getting to that conference or appointment can be a problem in a sprawling metropolitan area.

Getting there by land

Your airplane lands on time but the airport is far away from the area where you have an important appointment or conference. You can rent a car and try to navigate unfamiliar territory. There are navigation systems that will get you to a destination if you don't mind driving.

Another alternative is a taxi with a driver who hopefully speaks English and knows the address you give him. This may work in New York City but taxis are often expensive. You also have to wait for the taxi.

The best option is to hire a chauffeured car with a friendly driver who will know the best way to work through traffic to your destination. This is probably the most efficient way to reach business appointments in the Los Angeles or San Francisco Bay areas as well as New York or Chicago.

Which freeway?

Los Angeles is a maze of freeways with heavy traffic. The San Francisco area has a series of bridges and freeways. Both Los Angeles and San Francisco are served by several airports.

You have an appointment in Concord or Livermore on the east side of the bay yet the best airline schedule had you landing in SFO. The experienced chauffeur will get you across the Bay Bridge to that important meeting on time. You can relax and study your information or look at the scenery while someone else handles the traffic.

This same situation applies to anywhere in Southern California whether you land at LAX, John Wayne Airport in Orange County, Burbank or Ontario. A chauffeured car driver will meet you and drive to your destination.

You may decide to stay in a hotel near an airport or suburb during your visit. The hotel will provide an airport shuttle service. The car service will meet you at your hotel and return you there if that is part of the arrangement.


Renting a car with the insurance, paying extra for the GPS system, returning it with a full gas tank and driving the unfamiliar roads does not always save money over the cost of hiring a chauffeur service.

You can arrange with a chauffeured service to meet you anywhere, leave you at a destination and pick you up at a later time. A driver can wait for you if you have several scheduled appointments.

Car services are open to negotiations based on the itinerary you need. Inform them of future plans that may involve using their services and arrange for special corporate rates. You can have a town car or van at your disposal if necessary. This is helpful if you are carrying samples or products that you must assemble and demonstrate.

An extra perk is the chauffeur, who is is similar to a concierge and knows the best restaurants, entertainment and shopping in the area you are visiting. The driver is always friendly and he or she will meet you as prearranged and help you with your luggage.

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