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5 Reasons Nothing Beats SFO Car Service for Business Travel

Posted by Gulbahar Bhullar on Tue, Feb 25, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

San Francisco Business Trips Are Better With Car Service SFO Car Service

San Francisco is a brilliant city, but it's not exactly a stress-free driving environment. With the charged tech market in the Bay Area, the high-stakes venture capital, and the rapid start-up, evolution, and (for many businesses) failure that define San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the last thing you need when traveling to the area on business is any additional stress. To put all your energy toward your business – and take in the famous sights, while you're at it! – car service to and from SFO is an essential part of an effective business trip.  Here's why:

You don't have to wait

A byword of good car service is punctuality and availability. You don't have to call a dispatcher and wait for a cab to arrive, or stand in line at a car rental place and peruse their offerings. Instead, your chauffeur will be waiting for you right at the airport (no taking endless shuttles to parking lots), right when your plane unboards. From there, drivers familiar with the Bay Area and its sometimes-manic traffic will know the best routes and the realistic travel times to your destinations, and they'll be able to keep you on schedule. If your itinerary contains important meetings, you don't want to roll in late.

You don't have to worry

If you're renting a car, there are liability concerns to ask your company lawyers about – and while the hope is always that everything will go off without a hitch, as a good executive, you know that you have to have a plan in place for more than just the best-case scenario. Ask your company lawyers about the policy differences between renting a car and booking a chauffeured car service, and how much liability having a dedicated driver would shield you from. The added peace of mind may well be worth the higher cost of service.

Your time is better spent in comfort than at the wheel

When you're driving, you have to keep your eyes and your mind on driving. If you're in the back seat, however, you can get on with business – prepare for a presentation, check on how your business is performing, conduct calls, brainstorm, read up on the latest news in your sector, or do whatever other high-value activities are on your mind. Depending on where you're headed, travel times from SFO to your destination can mean a good period of extra work. Calculate it out – how much is your time worth?

Your health and safety are protected

The Bay Area is a big, bustling city, and its cabs get a lot of use. Even the most diligent driver might not be able to clean out their car after every rider, and you might find yourself sharing a cab with two or three strangers. However, chauffeured car service places a premium on keeping their cars in peak shape. After hours spent in the crowded, closed environment of a plane, stretching out in a private car isn't just good for your mental state, it might help you breathe easier as well.

You should make an impression

Whether you're in the city to meet with shareholders, to present your case for investors, to host a symposium, or just to visit a regional office, if you arrive in a professional chauffeured car, you're making an impact. Car service is for the executives who have everything put together.

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