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7 Must-Ask Questions Before Booking a Hotel For Executive Travelers

Posted by Gulbahar Bhullar on Thu, Mar 06, 2014 @ 05:00 AM

How to Book the Right Hotel for a Business Trip Booking Hotel Business Trip

Business travel is a requirement in many different fields. Through trips, a business can close deals, meet with important clients, and learn more about the areas they serve. While business trips can be informative and effective, there is one thing that can easily derail a trip: a poor choice in hotels. Before you book, ask these questions to ensure you’ve found a hotel that fits your traveler’s needs.

Is the Staff Certified?

Hotel staff can make or break a business trip experience. If the staff is not helpful, a business traveler may spend more time muddling through accommodation issues than actually getting work done. Before you book a hotel, make sure to ask whether or not he staff is certified. You’ll want to work with a hotel that has certified professionals on hand. Certified concierge professionals are most likely to provide the best service, and they have an entire association at their fingertips to answer the questions your business traveler may have.

What Types of Events Does the Hotel Host?

When looking for business accommodations you’ll want to find out what type of events the hotel typically hosts. For example, a hotel that hosts a slew of proms during the season, or many weddings, is likely to be crowded and loud, two attributes that don’t mesh well with business trips. A hotel that often hosts weddings and other leisure events is less likely to be equipped for business needs, as well. You are more likely to find an amiable environment in a hotel that hosts more business conferences than wedding parties.

What Are the Dining Options?

When a person heads out on a business trip their first thought may not be about food, but if the hotel you’ve booked lacks room service and does not have dining options in close proximity, a business trip can quickly turn into a hunt for some. The hotel you book should offer 24 hour room service, or have dining options that are close-by and convenient. You’ll also want to find out if the dining options are similar across the chain, both nationally and internationally. The hotel should make it easy for business travelers to eat. If food is not easy to come by, the hotel may not be the best choice for business travelers.

What Are the Ancillary Fees?

The list of ancillary fees is growing at many hotels across the country. What was once considered a “given” as an included part of the deal, may no longer be. Before you sign a contract, or book a hotel for a business trip be sure to ask about any additional fees. For example, make sure that internet access is included in the rate. You may also want to inquire about whether or not snacks are included in the room rate, and if not, what type of fees can be expected. If the list of ancillary fees are long, it might be best to look for alternative accommodations.

Is the Wi-Fi Complimentary and Reliable?

Complimentary Wi-Fi is a must for those traveling for business. The success of many business trips hinges on the ability to connect with the home office. Before you sign any contracts or book any rooms, make sure to ask about the Wi-Fi. Ask about the speed of the Wi-Fi and what reliability statistics are available. You’ll also want to find out whether internet access is complimentary or if it must be paid for. While free Wi-Fi is generally expected, some hotels charge additional fees for access.

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