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Best Bay Area Seafood Restaurants

Posted by Gulbahar Bhullar on Wed, Mar 13, 2013 @ 05:05 AM

Finding the Best Seafood in the Bay Area

If you visit the San Francisco area often, you know how delectable the seafood can be. Convenient, fresh and unbeatably delicious are three adjectives that could be used to describe the Bay Area’s seafood scene. If you’re considering taking a potential client to one of the Bay Area’s seafood restaurants for a business dinner, there are a few that you should keep an eye on when planning your dinner. The first step to a successful business dinner, seafood-themed or not, is to book a chauffeured vehicle to make sure you get to the restaurant and back home safely. Most of these restaurants don’t just offer killer seafood; they also offer a killer cocktail. So having a Chauffeur standing by to get you home when the night is over is a sound idea. To help you find the perfect seafood hotspot for your client dinner, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Bay Area destinations.

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Best Bay Area Restaurants for High-Powered Business Dinners

Posted by Gulbahar Bhullar on Mon, Mar 04, 2013 @ 05:05 AM

Restaurants that Dress to Impress on Your Business Dinner

When it comes to planning a great business date, especially with a potential client, you know that first impressions are vital. From choosing the most professional attire to selecting the right chauffeured vehicle to get you there, a successful business outing requires finesse and attention to detail. One important part of business meetings that can easily be a hit-or-miss is the restaurant you choose for dinner. But San Francisco offers some of the best dining atmospheres in the country, so if you’re hosting your business dinner in the Bay Area, you can be confident that you’ll be hitting a home run. The next step is finding the right restaurant. To help you do that, we’ve compiled a list of the best Bay Area restaurants for business dinners.

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