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Why “Duty of Care” Is Imperative For Conference and Event Travel

Posted by Gulbahar Bhullar on Thu, Jul 07, 2016 @ 04:40 PM


“Duty of Care” is an obligation companies cannot afford to overlook, because if risk of transportation is not accounted for, not only is there the peril of injury to human life and limb, but an unfortunate accident can also lead to large litigations that can financially ruin corporations.

Planning for business travel? Moving large groups of people for a business event or conference? Then you need to make sure the vendors you use for ground transportation operate under strict “Duty of Care” procedures, so that you can rest assured travelers are safe, and that common risks and liabilities are accounted for.

“Duty of Care” standards hold travel protocols to the highest levels, so all employees traveling under “Duty of Care” procedures are given the best service possible

“Duty of Care” is the legal responsibility a company must adhere to when having employees travel for work, and it means they have to take into account all possible risk their employees might incur while traveling, and in turn they must provide safe and secure means of travel for their employees to take. 

When it comes to ground transportation, there are providers who are knowledgeable about “Duty of Care” procedures, and there are companies who don’t know anything about “Duty of Care” and simply operate as the lowest price in town. Angel Limo Worldwide is a company that knows and values “Duty of Care” and makes sure that all of its procedures comply with “Duty of Care” guidelines to a “T” – and each traveler receives a trusted and secure mode of transportation every time they ride.

“Duty of Care” protects companies from liability in the case of an accident

No one likes to think about accidents but they can happen, and if you’re using an un-insured, un-licensed, un-regulated vehicle provider, which include the popular TNC Apps like Uber and Lyft, then your employees are not protected and have no coverage. “Duty of Care” implies that a company has researched and vetted all transportation providers employees can use, and each has commercial licensing and insurance and adheres to proper “Duty of Care” procedures. 

With more travelers, risk increases exponentially, and it only pays to work with group transportation specialists who can assist with logistical planning to help ensure everything runs smooth

Many times for conferences and events, passengers fly in from all over the globe and need to be shuttled en-masse from hotels to conference centers and airports. Travel managers need to be able to execute quick pickup and drop off procedures for these large groups of business travelers, and they need to know that everyone is under the protection of “Duty of Care” at all times during travel. 

By using an experienced group transportation provider like Angel Limo Worldwide, travel managers can know that their entire group of travelers will get to where they need to go on-time, and in-comfort, and will be serviced by professionals who have full back up plans in place in the unlikely event that an emergency happens.

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