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5 Prom Transportation Trends For 2016

Posted by Gulbahar Bhullar on Fri, Apr 15, 2016 @ 12:15 PM


Teenagers are looking for a vehicle with a little curb-appeal for prom this season, but also with space enough inside to move about and talk with friends. Here are some of the leading vehicle models and safety tips to keep in mind when booking for prom this year.

1. The classic party bus: Sizes of 12-passenger, 24-passenger, and 32-passenger


The “biggest” way to get to prom this year will be in the newly popular limo buses, where high ceilings make for easier entry and exit and flowing dresses aren’t scuffed so easily. They range in scale from 12-passenger limo-style Sprinter shuttles, to 32-passenger limo buses with long hardwood dance floors lined with leather bench seats. The buses are one of the best ways to move a lot of people and still offer a lot of legroom, and they make passengers look stylish when they arrive at their destination.

2. The Hummer/SUV Limo


The classic SUV limousine is a popular choice for proms this year. The wide-bodied cabins are decorated with LED lighting, premium sound, and aux connection so prom-goers can play their favorite sounds directly from their phones. The SUV limousines are built on a strong chassis and have sturdy side-panels for added safety. Ideal for groups of 10-16, these vehicles deliver the classic prom-entrance look.

3. The traditional sedan limousine


Many transportation providers carry smaller 6-8 passenger limousines that make great vehicle choices for light-sized prom groups. If it is just two couples, or maybe three, these mid-size stretch limousines make great a fit. Guests can all talk with each other easily throughout the cabin, and the bar and cup holders are always within reach.

4. A premium quality luxury sedan for a single couple


If the occasion is for a party of two, or if a group of couples want to make a splash entrance with a caravan of premium vehicles, look to get an upgraded sedan like a Cadillac, Mercedes, or even a super-quality ride like a Bentley or Rolls Royce if the budget allows. These vehicles are made with the back-seat riders in mind, and will make it an unforgettable experience for the couples who ride in them. 

5. Safety, accountability, and liability coverage

In 2016, the topic of the day is safety during transport. Far too easily, important safety details can be overlooked and something bad can happen on what was supposed to be a great night in the lives of young people. That’s why it’s important for prom-goers to know they should work with a transportation provider who is fully licensed and insured, and who operates with the best safety protocols in place.

Angel Worldwide Transportation is such a company. We make sure all vehicles are within three years of brand new, and that they receive regular maintenance checks and upgrades every month. Our chauffeurs are background-checked and routinely drug-screened so vehicles are always driven as safely as possible and with the best quality of customer service. More information on Angel Worldwide’s prom services.

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