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Bringing Your Roadshow to the Bay Area

Posted by Raj Mehta on Thu, Oct 09, 2014 @ 06:00 AM

Successful Stops in San Francisco

San Francisco RoadshowsWhen you’re planning a roadshow, whether it’s to advertise for a product or service or even to promote a candidate for a political office, you’ll want to make sure you hit as many stops along the way as you can. Depending on what your company or group is offering, there are certain cities you definitely want to visit that would be relevant to your cause or service. For instance, if you’re a software company hoping to gain financial backing for a new smartphone app, you’ll want to stop in cities that are known for their support of technology and finance. San Francisco is only an hour away from the famous tech-driven Silicon Valley, so you should be sure to plan a stop for your roadshow in the beautiful Bay Area.

Why San Francisco?

This gorgeous city by the bay is famous for so much that it would be difficult to list them all. The iconic Golden Gate Bridge, famous rolling fog, and Fisherman’s Wharf are just a few of the well-known features visitors would be able to experience when they come to town.

When you’re planning the route of your upcoming roadshow, you should consider a stop in San Francisco for a variety of reasons. Not only will you be able to get work done and hopefully gain new customers, clients, or voters, everyone will be able to enjoy themselves outside the roadshow activities. While in town you can visit Haight and Ashbury for a bit of hippie history while also checking out Alcatraz and the island’s own contribution to the past.

However, the tourist stops and beautiful views aren’t the only reason you should consider a stop in the Bay Area. San Francisco is home to a wide variety of economic service industries that could benefit your roadshow. These include tourism, financial services, and technology. These three industries can be appealed to for a variety of reasons, so no matter what your roadshow has to offer, it would certainly be welcome and successful here.

Venue Options

Once you’ve decided to make San Francisco a definite stop on your roadshow schedule, you’ll need to find the perfect venue. Lucky for you there are plenty to choose from here in the Bay Area.

If you’re looking for the peak of sophistication and elegance with an eco-friendly atmosphere and state of the art technology, you should consider the Bentley Reserve. Big or small, this magnificent conference venue has ten room options for you to choose from. From the cozier Port Boardroom that seats 10 all the way up to The Banking Hall with 8,045 square feet and the ability to seat up to 650 people, they have the ability to cater to several different types of roadshow presentations.

The Mission Bay Conference Center would be more ideal for the much larger events sometimes planned by company roadshows. They not only have 12,500 square feet of space, but also necessary technology such as free Wi-Fi, computer projection, and teleconferencing. Should you need any assistance with the planning of such a large roadshow stop, this venue also has a conference planner and in-house audiovisual consultants to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. This convenient location is also only 25 minutes away from the San Francisco International Airport making arrivals and departures incredibly easy.

Roadshow Transportation

You can’t expect your party and presentation materials to magically appear at the venue once you arrive. You’ll need to consider arranging for transportation while you’re in town, including a van or Sprinter to haul your belongings as well as a sedan or SUV to carry everyone to and from the airport and hotel. This will keep you from needing to rent vehicles and drive yourself around while worrying about traffic and parking.

When you’re planning a roadshow, location is important. Read up on the places you hope to visit while out on the road and pick the cities that appeal to your product or cause. Just remember that San Francisco is an excellent option for a wide variety of roadshows, so make it a point to stop in to this beautiful city by the bay.


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