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Prepare for Your Holiday Air Travel Now!

Posted by Raj Mehta on Thu, Nov 13, 2014 @ 06:00 AM

5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Traveling Easier

Easy Holiday Air TravelSome people live to travel, while others would much rather stay at home. There are many benefits of staying home during the holidays, but not having to deal with the stress of holiday travel is probably the biggest. So many more people are on the road and in the air around the holidays that it can often seem too much of a hassle to get out amongst them. However, you don’t have to miss out on visiting your loved ones across the country just because you hate dealing with everyone else traveling during the holidays.

We’ve put together some great ways to help make your holiday traveling easier.

Plan Ahead

To keep from being stuck with the exorbitant costs of holiday airfare, you will definitely want to book your flight as far in advance as possible. Not only are the tickets quite a bit more affordable, you will also be more likely to book seats that are all together. This way you don’t have to worry about separating your family while you fly. When you do start looking into airfare, you should also do your best to reserve tickets on non-stop flights or flights that don’t require a change of plane after a layover. If you do this, you remove any chance of missing a connecting flight.

Pack Smart

If you are at all able to, you should keep your packing to carry-on bags for everyone in the family. This is especially true for short holiday trips that you’ll only be on for a few days. Not only does this save money on checked bag fees, but it will also save time at the airport. Without checked bags, you can leave the plane and head straight out of the airport. You don’t have to wait in line with all the other travelers for your bag to come out. This also keeps you from worrying about having any of your luggage lost along the way. There isn’t anything worse than arriving to your holiday destination, only to find your luggage didn’t make it with you.

Ship Your Gifts

With Christmas coming up, you may be traveling with several gifts for your family and friends. To save yourself the hassle of checking these in your luggage or carrying them on the flight when possible, you may want to consider shipping them instead. Not only will you not have to worry about the extra weight and lugging them around while you try to rush and make your flight, you can also spring for insurance and delivery confirmation to ensure they arrive in one piece and on time.

Prepare Your Paperwork

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting any of the proper paperwork you need to make it through the airport and onto your flight in time. Nothing will ruin a trip more than rushing around to get in line for security only to realize you’ve left your ID or boarding pass at home. Put these documents in an easy to access place that you won’t forget when leaving the house.

Airport Transportation

You don’t have to drive yourself to the airport or have someone else drive you either. This is the perfect opportunity to spring for an airport shuttle or car service. With a car service, you can be sure the chauffer will pick you up and deliver you on time to the airport. You can also relax in the back without trying to navigate the holiday traffic on the roads. A car service is one of the easiest ways to relieve some of the stress associated with traveling on the holidays.

Traveling with your family for the holidays doesn’t have to be a headache. Implement some of these tips to make your holidays the happiest they can possibly be! Enjoy your time with your friends and family and leave the stress at home.


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