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Why TNCs Can’t Compete With Established Limo Companies On Corporate Group Events

Posted by Gulbahar Bhullar on Thu, Jun 23, 2016 @ 09:04 AM


Personalization of service is paramount for event planners that need precise transfers for a large number of business travelers. TNCs still cannot coordinate as accurately as established, licensed transportation companies, nor can they ensure accountability and safety during trips.

TNC Drivers Don’t Have Commercial Insurance

Booking with a TNC such as Uber or Lyft for an event still carries a great deal of uncertainty. Passengers are not covered by insurance during trips, so if an accident were to happen, there is no accountability.

Licensed and insured limo companies, especially ones that do large-scale corporate transportation, on the other hand, make sure that they carry the maximum commercial insurance policies possible on each of their vehicles. This way, clients can have peace of mind knowing that their passengers are in the best hands possible during trips.

Group Events Need On-Site Specialists To Assist In Travel Coordination

Also, when it comes to moving large groups of business travelers, it’s vital to have an on-site manager working in conjunction with the ground transportation provider so that all transfers are seamless and completed without a hitch. Many limo companies, such as Angel Transportation Worldwide, incorporate special on-site logistics planners to handle any last minute requests and ensure that the entire group gets where they need to go swiftly and comfortably.

TNCs Don’t Operate Luxury Group Vehicles

Booking large-scale group transportation requires significant hardware and organization. High-quality luxury buses can be difficult to come by in certain markets, so to book one for multiple transfers requires a lot of pre-planning and documentation before the wheels ever get rolling.

Established limo companies like Angel Worldwide take great pride and care of their fleets of luxury buses, and clients can select the appropriate vehicle for their group size. Clients can also rest assured that the vehicle will be driven by a trained professional chauffeur that can help with luggage and assist with local knowledge.

TNCs Can’t Handle Logistics For Large Groups

For large group transportation, there really is no comparison. People who book travel for hundreds, even thousands of business travelers need to have confidence that their ground transportation provider is going to be a solid, reliable team partner, and by going with an established limo company, planners know they are getting the best.

The full-cycle, end-to-end service that transportation specialists like Angel Worldwide provide has become a rare commodity these days, but by delivering clear communication and reliable performance, licensed transportation providers are proving to be a cut above the TNC competition.

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